Prostitute slept with 30 cops, some while under age sparks massive scandal:

A Prostitute in the Oakland area, dropped a bombshell on Oakland PD in this article saying she slept with 30 Oakland police officers. Some of them were while she was under age, some of them paid and some of them didn’t. One of them killed himself after finding out that she was going public with the information. Her mother works as a dispatcher for Oakland PD and this whole case is very newsworthy and has been featured on many news sites. The thing is; is that this case, as scandalous as it sounds, and as shocking to some of you it may seem, might not be as interesting as you thought since she didn’t sleep with all 30 men while she was underage, and the media previously gave the impression that she wasnt a prostitute when she was sleeping with these police officers.


In the article that I have linked above and below, there are details about this case that did not come out when the story was first reported. When I first saw this story a couple of weeks ago I was shocked, and in disbelief. The news station reported it as, “an under age girl, claimed she slept with 30 Oakland cops on duty” but now we see that was not the whole story. This girl’s name is Celeste, and she has been prostituting since she was 12. The first officer she slept with, was when she was 16, and that was the only officer she slept with while she was underage. The rest of the officers happened after her 18th birthday. They were also not all on duty, only 3 were, and most of them didn’t pay for her services. They did however work out a deal in which she gained exclusive information on cops whereabouts in order to keep her safe and out of jail so she could continue working in safety. The officer who killed himself left a suicide note detailing the scandal, and I wish I could access that note and see for myself what he wrote, because I heard it gives names and incriminating details of the agreement between her and the cops.

My opinion: I feel bad for her mom, because she’s probably harassed at work by everyone, and they probably all hate her now that her prostitute daughter went to the press and created a huge mess within the precinct. The whole case has sparked outrage in the community, but for what reason? The Cops didnt even pay her money to sleep with her, and she was 18 when she slept with nearly all of them. The one cop who killed himself though, is very sad news, but like the article reported, his wife has killed herself a year prior to this scandal so I am sure it made the decision that much easier for him. This girl Celeste really screwed herself over if you think about it, because now she doesnt get anymore insider information and every cop in Oaklans and the surrounding cities will know who she is and most likely target and arrest her for prostitution and whatever else she is doing. If you havent read the full article, do yourself a favor and get in on this juicy story.

Link to full story on here

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